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Specialized doctors

If you are a Medical Specialist, we produce the supplement that you have always wanted to recommend to your clients.

Often the Specialist Doctor in daily practice perceives room for improvement in the products he prescribes and which fall into the category of supplements or nutraceuticals.

From this perception, even more so if associated with a direct experience of clinical research, the need arises to develop a product or a line of products that helps patients in an even more effective way.

IQPHARMA, with over ten years of experience, offers doctors the possibility of:

  • Develop the conceived formula, or work alongside them to develop an effective formulation
  • Realize the product in “full service” mode, without having to worry about any regulatory, production, or logistic aspect
  • And finally distribute the product in all pharmacies

We also manufacture products in small batches and in a short time.

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