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Product development process

Do you already have an idea of the supplement you need?

Which target consumers is it intended for?

Is it a unique product or do you want to develop a coordinated line?

Through which channel do you want to reach the final consumer?

Do you already have your channels or do you want help along the supply chain that leads to the consumer?

IQPHARMA is able to offer an answer to all these questions, you know from a scientific and a commercial point of view.

The method of production of food supplements and nutraceutical products that we put at your disposal is unique in Italy as we are the only ones to offer the customer the following benefits:

  • the concept study product – analysis methodology that allows you to identify the right product
  • the scientific verification of the concept drawing on the most prestigious international scientific banks
  • verification of product feasibility by working with the most prestigious patent and intellectual property research firms
  • ministerial and legal practices
  • the verification of infringement with anteriority search and trademark search
  • distribution in each channel (in particular in the pharmacy channel)
  • expansion abroad
  • the implementation for the small / medium company or for the single applicant (pharmacy / others) of all our thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector for the production and distribution of small or large batches of supplements covered or not by patent.

Contact us here and describe your need for a feasibility study