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Urmetin Plus

Rexberry® (Cranberry-based molecular complex)
High solubility D-mannose
Ribolife® – free nucleotides

It has an antibacterial action and counteracts the attachment of bacterial material to the bladder.

sachets – soluble powder


Rexberry® (molecular complex formed by: maltodextrin DE (dextrose equivalent) INDEX = 19
Cranberry American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait. – * es ¼ berries tit. 1% in proanthocyanidins)
Cranberry American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait * es berries tit. 25% in proanthocyanidins) – tot. Proanthocyanidins = 15 mg];
D-mannose (tit. 90%), 44% free nucleotides
Ribolife® (Adenosine – 5 ‘monophosphate, Cytidine – 5’ monophosphate, Uridine – 5 ‘monophosphate, Guanosine – 5’ monophosphate)

Non-functional components:
maltodextrin, with citric acid, flavoring, with sucralose sweetener

How it works

Cranberry carries out an antibacterial activity due to the irreversible inhibition of bacterial adhesion to the bladder wall.

D-Mannose is a monosaccharide sugar, which has the particularity of preventing the adhesion of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.
It is therefore useful in promoting their natural elimination with urine.


One or two sachets a day, dissolved in water.