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Based on botanical extracts indicated for relaxation and to aid rest.

bottle – drops


Escolzia aerial part hydroalcoholic fluid extract (Escholtia californica)
Passiflora aerial part hydroalcoholic fluid extract (Passiflora incarnata)
Hawthorn flowers hydroalcoholic fluid extract (Crataegus oxyacantha)
Valerian roots alcoholic fluid extract (Valeriana officinalis)
Chamomile flowers extract hydroalcoholic fluid (Matricaria camomilla)

Preservatives: E202, E211

Acidifier: Citric acid

How it works

Escolzia contains alkaloids that act on the central nervous system, exerting a sedative action.
They are therefore able to induce sleep and exercise sedative, anxiolytic and spasmolytic activities.

Passionflower is characterized by components such as flavonoids – such as vitexin, isovitexin and iperodise – small quantities of indole alkaloids, maltol and isomaltol (present in very low concentrations but mentioned for their documented sedative properties).
It is recommended in the treatment of nervous restlessness, especially if accompanied by anxiety, anxiety that opposes rest and abnormal heart rhythm due to excessive tension.

Hawthorn is rich above all in flavonoids, leukoanthocyanidins, sterols, amines, catechins, phenolic acids and triterpene and phenolcarboxylic acids.
The anxiolytic-sedative property is probably the most recognized in hawthorn: the action of this extract at the level of the central nervous system is exploited to reduce anxiety and irritability, improves the quality of sleep, promoting a peaceful rest, free from anxiety, wheezing and difficulty falling asleep.

Valerian is commonly used as a sedative in discomfort and sleep disturbances, but also in states of agitation.
It is considered an alternative herbal remedy or a reduction / elimination method from drug therapy based on sleeping pills.
A further medical application of valerian is in psychosomatic conditions related to anxiety and psychological stress.

Chamomile is spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
It is also indicated as a mild sedative to combat insomnia and in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, stomatitis and dermatitis, gynecological and pediatric uses. “


We recommend taking 40 drops diluted in a little water in the evening before going to bed.