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Pharmacies and parapharmacies

When it comes to products for physical well-being, the Pharmacy remains the No. 1 point of reference for those who want to make a purchase that brings benefits.

Whether the customer enters the shop with a prescription from the doctor, or comes looking for advice, the role of professional guarantee offered by the Pharmacist is fundamental.

How many times have Pharmacies wanted to diversify the range of offer by proposing something innovative, and “their own”, capable of further enhancing their image as a trusted referent.

But time and dispersion in a thousand activities have always put this project aside, and forced the owner to sell supplements and nutraceuticals in which, perhaps, he does not believe professionally at 100%.

What would it mean, however, to be able to count on a partner like IQPHARMA who speaks the same language as the Pharmacist from a scientific point of view, and who knows how to develop a line of products

  • that bring tangible benefits to the well-being of Pharmacy customers
  • that may have the proprietary brand of the Pharmacy
  • that are developed with formulations of which the Pharmacist feels proud and confident
  • that do not involve any production, procurement, regulation, etc.
  • and last but not least, that they bring interesting profits to the business?

If all this may also interest you for your Pharmacy,

contact us here for a comparison between professionals and for a feasibility study