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Hospital companies are increasingly looking for reliable partners, both from a scientific and regulatory point of view, to create their own line of supplements and nutraceuticals for people’s well-being.

But time, bureaucracy, many activities have so far put this project aside.

What it would mean, however, to be able to count on a partner like IQPHARMA who knows how to advise from the scientific point of view of formulations, and who is able to develop a line of products

  • that bring tangible benefits to the well-being of the individuals the Company is taking care of
  • that may have a distinctive and unique brand of the Hospital
  • that are developed with scientifically advanced formulations
  • that do not involve any work overload for the structure, neither in terms of production, nor for regulatory aspects, etc.
  • and finally, last but not least, that they bring interesting profits to the Company?

If all this is of interest to your hospital,

contact us here for a comparison and a feasibility study