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Companies with informant networks

The relationship with the Doctor is irreplaceable: this not only applies to companies that sell drugs, but also to those that sell supplements.

The importance of the human and professional relationship between the Scientific Informant and the Doctor therefore remains unchanged.

All the more so if the function of use elevates them to the category of “nutraceuticals”, rather than confining them to supplements for the general well-being of the person.

In fact, what is more satisfying, both for the informant and for the doctor, than being able to talk each time about a new product, with an interesting scientific profile?

IQPHARMA, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the dynamics between the Company, Informants and Doctors, is able to develop effective supplements and nutraceuticals from all points of view:

  • arouse scientific curiosity in the doctor
  • they bring beneficial results to the people who use them
  • and thus contribute to the success in sales to the companies that market them through their network of informants.

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