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IQ Pharma

Development and Production of Supplements

Food supplements and nutraceuticals
In private label or in concession
For all channels:
Networks of Medical Sales Representatives, pharmacies,
Parapharmacies, gyms,
HoReCa, Supermarkets, Department Stores,
Television, online

What we do

integratori alimentari e nutraceutici iQPharma


We were the first to adopt the TAILOR MADE strategy: supplements and nutraceuticals designed and developed ad hoc based on the commercial and scientific needs of our client and the target to which it is addressed.

The products we develop are appreciated and recommended by doctors of the most diverse specializations, from the gynecologist to the dermatologist, and are distributed and positioned through networks of Medical Sales Representatives or directly in the points of sale for the end customer.

Why choose IQPHARMA

When you are looking for a supplement manufacturer you are looking for a company that understands your business need and helps you find the right product and make it a sales success.

Making a nutraceutical product for specialist prescription is different from making a supplement to be sold through direct publicity advertising, or to be sold in gyms, or in large-scale distribution /Department Stores/ HoReCa channels.

To help the customer, according to his needs, we study in advance the commercial validity of the product through market research, classic analysis methods such as focus groups, and innovative digital methods.

We can support you at 360 ° in your commercial supply chain:

We are the only company able to support you at 360 ° along the entire chain of creation and marketing of a product and a line of products:

  1. Targeted design, based on the function of use and the target you want to reach
  2. Development of the formula
  3. Brand research and creativity
  4. Packaging more suitable according to the target final customer and the channel
  5. Production
  6. Market launch phase
  7. Progressive expansion of the business with new products

About us

We have been involved in the development and production of food supplements, nutraceuticals and medical devices since 2009.

IQPharma’s mission is to contribute to people’s well-being by making them healthier, more active, and with a growing quality of life.

We combine the experience of developing functional active ingredients with the knowledge of regulatory aspects and the comprehension of needs of all the players in the supply chain of supplement market: from the network of Medical Sales Representatives, to the doctor, to the wholesaler, to the pharmacy, to the offline or online entrepreneur, up to the final consumer.

We’re a team of partners specialized in development in Italy and on international markets, in digital marketing, and in finance operations for industrial development.

Making a specialty prescription product is different from making a supplement to sell directly to the public:

whatever your need, we are able to satisfy your scientific and commercial needs by developing the right product to guarantee your success.

Discover the products

We have developed over 100 products divided into application areas.

The products are presented in different packages to optimize the effectiveness of each product, the safety, and the user experience of those who take it.

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